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HVAC Service After The Sale for the East Hanover Area

Many may talk about their customer satisfaction goals, but Bob's Maintenance Service LLC proves it with complete service after the sale for our East Hanover area customers. We are not a fly by night company who sells you equipment today and is gone tomorrow. Conversely, we view a sale as the beginning of a new customer relationship and not the end. We are here to offer advice and preventative maintenance services ongoing, so you stay comfortable year round!

Preventative Maintenance East Hanover Area
As part of our service after the sale offerings, Bob's Maintenance Service LLC allows you to protect your heating and air conditioning investment with our preventative maintenance service plans. From tune ups to seasonal preps to filter changes, Bob's Maintenance Service LLC will keep you comfortable regardless of the seasonal weather!

It is important to remember that air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, air handlers - in fact almost every component of your HVAC system requires routine maintenance. Similar to an automobile, a neglected air conditioning and heating system will begin to decrease in operating efficiency and cost you more to run. If neglected long enough it will eventually break down requiring costly repairs.

Let us keep your HVAC system running at peak performance and efficiency with our service after the sale maintenance plans. You will not be disappointed!

East Hanover Service After The Sale

Why Luxaire® for your East Hanover air conditioning, heating & indoor air quality needs?

East Hanover Air Conditioning Luxaire® indoor comfort control products are built to be reliable and efficient. Luxaire air conditioners and furnaces hold some of the highest efficiency ratings in the industry, which means our customers can save substantially on their monthly utility bills.

Additionally, Luxaire HVAC products incorporate innovative features like GeoTrak™ and SilentDrive™, making their furnaces and air conditioners some of the most adaptive and quiet HVAC units you can purchase for your home.

The fact is that, as mentioned above, our primary goal is the complete satisfaction of our customers. With Luxaire® heating and cooling products we sleep easy at night knowing that our East Hanover area customers have the very best keeping them comfortable. It just doesn't get much more important than that.

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