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Residential HVAC has matured over the years to involve much more than mere temperature control. Now homeowners have a suite of options for indoor comfort control including whole home humidity, zoning, dial-in thermostat access, air purification and more!

Bob's Maintenance Service LLC is dedicated to enhancing the level of indoor comfort control for our East Hanover residential HVAC customers with the latest in air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality technologies. We feature Luxaire® air conditioners and furnaces for their top of the line efficiency and performance ratings.

With Bob's Maintenance Service LLC you get a East Hanover HVAC contractor who understands that your requirements are truly unique. We don't just sell you a piece of equipment or rattle off answers without taking your needs into account. Bob's Maintenance Service LLC technicians understand residential HVAC, and are able to give you specific recommendations for cost effective and efficient air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality options resulting in a healthier, more comfortable home!

Thank you for your interest our residential HVAC product services for the East Hanover area. We look forward to raising the levels of your indoor comfort while lowering your utility bills! For more information see the links below:

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East Hanover Residential HVAC

Why Luxaire® for your home air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality requirements?

East Hanover Residential Air Conditioning Luxaire® indoor comfort control products are built to be reliable and efficient. Luxaire air conditioners and furnaces hold some of the highest efficiency ratings in the industry, which means our customers can save substantially on their monthly utility bills.

Additionally, Luxaire air conditioners and furnaces incorporate innovative features like GeoTrak™ and SilentDrive™, making them some of the most adaptive and quiet HVAC units you can purchase for your home.

However when the dust settles and all marketing is done, we have one primary goal: The complete satisfaction of our customers. With Luxaire® heating and cooling products, we sleep easy at night knowing that our East Hanover area customers have the very best keeping them comfortable. It just doesn't get much better than that.

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