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Packaged Systems

Luxaire® packaged heating and cooling systems put efficiency and economy in one self-contained unit. Luxaire® packaged systems give you more indoor living space, while they lower heating and cooling costs - what a package!

Bob's Maintenance Service LLC recommends the following Luxaire® packaged heating and cooling systems

Climasure Packaged Cool/Heat
Model: PAC-13
PAC-13 Packaged Cool Heat

Energy Guide

Key Features:

  • 13 SEER / 11.3 to 11.7 EER
  • R-22 regfrigerant
  • Three footprints to optimize performance and keep these units compact and easy to install.
  • Constructed of pre-painted galvanized steel to protect against corrosion and resists fading.
  • Internally protected compressor to protect against high pressure and high temperature.
  • Large condensing coil surface for extremely efficient heat transfer to reduce the load on the compressor.

Compressor - 5 Yr 1ph / 5 Yr 3ph
Other Parts - 5 Yr 1ph / 1 Yr 3ph

Our optional Performance Promise™ Plan offers up to 10 years of total parts and labor coverages

DYP 024 to 060 Acclimate® Packaged Unit
Model: DYP
DYP Packaged Unit

Energy Guide

Energy Star

Key Features:

  • 13.0 to 13.7 SEER / 11.0 to 11.8 EER / 80% AFUE
  • Cooling/Gas Heating Units (Natural Gas or Propane)
  • Low Profile
  • Quiet Operation
  • Optional Propane Conversion Kit

Compressor - 10yr 1ph / 5yr 3ph
Heat Exchanger - 20yr
Other parts - 5yr 1ph / 1yr 3ph

DPH 030 to 060 Packaged Unit (3-phase only)
Model: DPH
DPH Packaged Cool Heat

Energy Guide

Key Features:

  • 12.0 to 13.0 SEER / 10.3 to 10.7 EER

Compressor - 3ph-5yr
Other parts - 3ph-1yr

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