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Raising comfort levels by reducing sound

The Acclimate is the quietest air conditioner and heat pump series ever offered by Luxaire.

  • Quieter compressors are isolated behind an advanced composite material further reducing transmitted compressor noise.

  • Advanced fan design for smoother air flow and reduced noise.

  • A composite base pan distributes and dampens sound.

  • The SilentDrive™ System features a swept-wing fan design, isolated compressor compartment, composite base pan, and two-stage heating and cooling that provides quieter operation than conventional systems.

  • Two-stage compressor technology that provides up to 4x quieter operation and 60% more energy efficient operation.

SilentDrive® is featured in Luxaire® Acclimate 5T and Luxaire Acclimate® 3S air conditioner models, along with Luxaire® Acclimate 5T and Luxaire® Acclimate 3S model heat pumps.

The Acclimate is so quiet, you may never notice it running.

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Luxaire SilentDrive


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